News and Updates from Badger Kart Club

Practice and Race Order for Points Race #12 7/24

The practice and race order for this Sunday's Points Race #12 has been posted. For your convenience, the practice and race order page always uses the same address so if you bookmark this page, you will always have current information on your computer or smart phone at the track.


Checkered Flag Photos for Feature Winners Sunday 7/24

This Sunday 7/24, Bob Cruse will be on hand to take checkered flag photos of 2016 Badger Kart Club feature race winners during the intermission between the second heat and the feature race. Feature winners will be able to get their photo taken while holding the checkered flag while in motion. Photos taken by Bob Cruse will be available for purchase from him.


Points and Fast Times Updated 7/17

The 2016 points, David Hobbs Honda Junior Summer Series points, and fast times and track records were updated on 7/17. Please check them for accuracy and send any discrepancies to Chris Burke at "NM" on the points page means "Non-Member." If you have recently turned in a membership, it may take a few days to process. If you've turned in a membership, but are listed as a non-member, please contact Chris Burke to make sure you are awarded points. Remember, you must contest errors in points within two weeks of posting (rule Points for Races #10 and 11 will be official at 11PM on Monday, August 1st. Points for Race #9 will be official at 11PM on Monday, July 25th. Note regarding Micro TaG Points: The Board of Directors voted to reinstate a driver who had been disqualified in Race #4. The points were updated to reflect this change on 7/11. Because of this change outside the usual protest period, you may contest Micro TaG points for Race #4 until 11PM on Monday, July 25th. Note regarding LO206 Sportsman points: The protest from Race #9 has been resolved and your Race #9 points were updated 7/21. You may contest LO206 Sportsman Race #9 points until 11PM on Thursday, August 4th. Also, the Board of Directors voted to correct an error in the LO206 Sportsman points for Race #2. Because Race #2 was a rain out and all competitors receive the same points, the protest period remains closed for Race #2 and any appeals or protests for Race #2 must be made to and approved by the Board of Directors. You can email Chris Burke at for assistance with that procedure. Volunteer bonus points have been added for families who have volunteered through the Race #11. Volunteers for future events are still needed, contact Scott Jagusch at to sign up to receive your bonus points.


Route 66 Volunteers Needed

August 12-14 will bring the Route 66 Sprint Series to the Briggs & Stratton Raceway Park for some great racing. Sign-up up ASAP to help volunteer as spots will fill up. We will be looking for volunteers on all three days. Still need your family's 150 points? This will be a great opportunity to volunteer for this event. As a reminder, racing this event does not count towards the 150 points. If interested, please contact Scott at Thank you as always.


Novice Class Returns to Race Days

We will be running the novice class on the following race days for the remainder of the year.

June 25

July 16 & 17

July 24

August 28

Information about the novice class can be found under the New to Karting tab on the web site. If participation in this class drops, we may remove it from the race order.



New Rule for all Yamaha classes and Kid Kart 2 Cycle engines

The Board of Directors voted to introduce the following rule at Badger Kart Club starting with points race 4 on May 1st. This rule has been introduced by WKA.



Testing may be performed to insure extra air is not being pulled into the engine for a performance gain. Any means to bypass the intent of the class rules is illegal. Both pressure and vacuum tests may be performed -- engine must hold 5 psi for 60 seconds and/or 5 HG of vacuum for 60 seconds.

Blowdown checking procedure for Yamaha engines

1 -- By a careful visual inspection (light check) , identify the highest exhaust port and the highest intake port.
2 -- Using the Lad tool, zero the dial indicator on the highest exhaust port, taking care to hold the shaft of the tool against the cylinder wall.
3 -- roll the crankshaft backwards five turns (.500" on the dial indicator)
4 -- insert the Lad tool into the highest intake port, holding the shaft of the tool against the cylinder wall.
5 -- roll the crankshaft forward until the piston stops on the Lad tool and note the value.
6 -- the value must be between .380" and .420" to be considered legal
7 -- engine to be checked as raced

Briggs & Stratton Weekly Racing Series

Briggs & Stratton is starting an exciting Weekly Racing Series, and Badger Kart Club is excited to participate. Members of the LO206 Senior class are eligible to participate and will compete for $11,000 in prizes to be awarded to drivers within our region. Race dates are 4/3, 4/10, 4/17, 5/1, 5/22, 6/5, 6/25, 6/26, 7/10, and 8/28. See the Briggs & Stratton WRS site for further details.


Free Kid Kart Entries in 2016

In an effort to grow our beginning classes and introduce more people to the sport of karting, Badger Kart Club will continue to offer free Kid Kart race entries in 2016. Racers will be given a free pit pass when entering. An adult is required to be on track at all times with Kid Kart drivers. Pit passes for adults are $15 for members or $30 for non-members.


Track Repaving Project Beginning September 2016

The Board of Directors voted to move forward with the Track Paving and Improvement Project, the first part of which is adding extensions to the existing track in September of this year. These additions, shaded green in the diagram to the left, will allow the track to be run with several different layouts in both clockwise and counter-clockwise directions. We see the 2017 Badger Kart Club Bridgestone Championship Points Series being run over a variety of different track layouts in both directions. While the club has ample funds in the Track Improvement Fund for these extensions, further fundraising will be needed for future portions of the project. The Board created a committee to develop fundraising campaigns for track improvement. If you would like to be a part of this project, contact club president Chris Horn at or any officer or board member for more information.


See What Badger Kart Club is All About

If you've just heard of kart racing, or karting, and you're not really sure what it is, this video will give you an idea. Many people think of the karts you see at amusement parks or in Wisconsin Dells when they think go karts, but our racers take it to another level. Badger Kart Club members race purpose-built racing machines powered by 2-cycle or 4-cycle engines capable of speeds over 60 miles per hour. Our members all own their own karts and equipment. Our members participate in races from our the club points series, with some participating in races at the top levels of the sport. If you've seen the show "Kart Life," you've seen some Badger Kart Club members.

Want to see what it's all about? Come out as a spectator to one of our races. Admission is free, you can bring your whole family. Enjoy a picnic on our grounds, or get a bite to eat at our Karter's Kafe. There is no cost to mingle in the paddock with the drivers and mechanics and ask them questions.


New Member Referral Program

Badger Kart Club will be starting a new referral rewards program for members who recruit other members. If an existing member refers a new member, the existing member will receive a free membership for the next season. Additionally, existing members will receive 5 free practice/pit passes when the new member competes in 2 championship races and an additional 10 free practice/pit passes when the new member completes in a total of 8 championship races. There is no limit on the number of referrals. For additional details, click to download this information sheet.


Bring Membership Cards to Registration

To ensure faster service at the registration building on Sunday, please have your 2015 Badger Kart Club membership card ready to present to the volunteers in the registration building. This will help us make sure everyone is charged the correct amount while keeping the line moving as quickly as possible. Thanks for your help!


Online Registration Available

Online registration for this weekend's race is available at


Cadet Karts in 4-cycle Classes

To correct an error in the rule book, cadet-sized karts are not allowed in either Animal Sportsman or LO206 Sportsman. Cadet karts are only allowed in 2-cycle Junior Sportsman classes. The rule book has been updated with this correction.


Member Service Email Addresses

Badger Kart Club is a volunteer organization, and it takes the work of a lot of people to keep the club running. To make it easier for members to find the right person and get a response, we've created a few email addresses that will always forward your messages to the right person.

If you have a question about... Send an email to...
How to Get Started in Karting at Badger Kart Club (Ben Wohlers)
Volunteering and Event Credits (Scott Jagusch)
Points (Chris Burke)
Membership (Al Weisensel)
Rules (Chris Burke)
Sponsorship Opportunities (Chris Horn)

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