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Badger Kart Club Welcomes WKA Manufacturers Cup This Weekend

Badger Kart Club is excited to welcome the WKA Manufacturers Cup back to Briggs & Stratton Raceway Park this weekend! Information for racers can be found on our WKA Man Cup info page. We are still in need of volunteers for Saturday and Sunday. Positions are available for scales, registration, and corner workers. If you have questions or you can help one or both days, contact our Volunteer Coordinator Gordy Gahagan at Come out, bring a friend, and get both your volunteer days done in one day.


New Member Referral Program

Badger Kart Club will be starting a new referral rewards program for members who recruit other members. If an existing member refers a new member, the existing member will receive a free membership for the next season. Additionally, existing members will receive 5 free practice/pit passes when the new member competes in 2 championship races and an additional 10 free practice/pit passes when the new member completes in a total of 8 championship races. There is no limit on the number of referrals. For additional details, click to download this information sheet.


Special Event Volunteers Needed

Special Events are fast approaching! Each family needs to work or race at one Special Event per season for their drivers to be eligible for year-end awards at the awards banquet. We are looking for help at the following events. We are especially in need of workers for this weekend's Mid-American Sprint Series.

  • May 15-17: Mid-American Sprint Series
  • May 29-31: WKA Manufacturer's Cup
  • June 19-21: LO206 Cup
  • Sept. 11-13: Route 66 Sprint Series

To sign up, please email Volunteer Coordinator Gordy Gahagan at



Bring Membership Cards to Registration

To ensure faster service at the registration building on Sunday, please have your 2015 Badger Kart Club membership card ready to present to the volunteers in the registration building. This will help us make sure everyone is charged the correct amount while keeping the line moving as quickly as possible. Thanks for your help!


Free Kid Kart Entries in 2015

In an effort to grow our beginning classes and introduce more people to the sport of karting, Badger Kart Club is offering free Kid Kart race entries in 2015. Racers will be given a free pit pass when entering. An adult is required to be on track at all times with Kid Kart drivers. Pit passes for adults are $15 for members or $30 for non-members. We hope to see you this weekend for our first race!


Online Registration Available

Online registration for this weekend's race is available at


Help Wanted!

We need some people for the following positions. These are paid positions.

  • Corner Worker - An additional corner worker is needed beginning with this weekend's Non-Points Race #2. Corner workers are paid $100 per race day.
  • Scoring Help - We would like another person to help with scoring. Mike Burba does a great job with scoring and announcing, but those are two full-time jobs - it's very difficult to do both. Compensation for this position is negotiable depending on availability. An unlimited practice pass is one possibility. Ideally, we would have two or three people who could do the job on a rotating basis.

For more information, or to sign up, please contact Bingo Emmons at


Cadet Karts in 4-cycle Classes

To correct an error in the rule book, cadet-sized karts are not allowed in either Animal Sportsman or LO206 Sportsman. Cadet karts are only allowed in 2-cycle Junior Sportsman classes. The rule book has been updated with this correction.


Additional Drop Race Added for 2015

At the last meeting, the Board of Directors voted to add an additional drop race for the 2015 season. Each class will race 14 times over the course of the 16-race season (each class has 2 "bye weeks" where they will not run). Your best 11 finishes of those 14 races will count for the Badger Kart Club Bridgestone Points Series Championship. This was done to give those running other series such as LO206 Cup, CES, USPKS, Mid American Sprint Series, and the Route 66 Sprint Series an opportunity to compete in the BKC Championship.


Help Wanted!

We can use some help with the following: registration on race days, scoring on race days, and someone to edit the club newsletter. Free pit passes are available for these jobs, contact Bingo at or Lori Maas at for more information.


Only One or Two Class Sponsorships Left!

Only one or two class sponsorships are left for this season! Sponsorship does include a reserved pit spot on race weekends. Contact Chris Horn at for information.


Briggs & Stratton Weekly Racing Series

Briggs & Stratton is starting an exciting Weekly Racing Series, and Badger Kart Club is excited to participate. Members of the LO206 Senior class are eligible to participate and will compete for $11,000 in prizes to be awarded to drivers within our region. Race dates are 4/26, 5/3, 5/10, 6/7, 6/27, 6/28, 7/12, 8/9, 9/27, and 10/4. See the Briggs & Stratton WRS site for further details.


Honda GXH50 Kid Kart Engines

We have had reports of GXH50s being advertised on eBay as Kid Kart motors that are not HPD engines and are not legal for competition. There are two versions of the GXH50, a utility motor used for water pumps and other machines and there is the racing version, a standard GXH50 modified by Honda Performance Development (HPD) that sells for about $560 for the motor only. The easiest way to tell the racing engine from the stock model is the seal on the crankcase. Only motors with the HPD seal are legal for racing in the Kid Kart class (see rule


Class Sponsorships Available

Class sponsorships for the 2015 Badger Kart Club racing season are available. All of our sponsorship packages are listed on the sponsorship information page. Contact Chris Horn for more information or to purchase any of our sponsorship options. Thank you for your support!


Member Service Email Addresses

Badger Kart Club is a volunteer organization, and it takes the work of a lot of people to keep the club running. To make it easier for members to find the right person and get a response, we've created a few email addresses that will always forward your messages to the right person.

If you have a question about... Send an email to...
How to Get Started in Karting at Badger Kart Club (Ben Wohlers)
Volunteering and Event Credits (Gordy Gahagan)
Points (Chris Burke)
Membership (Al Weisensel)
Rules (Chris Burke)
Sponsorship Opportunities (Chris Horn)