News and Updates from Badger Kart Club

Track Setup and Swap Meet March 28

As part of Track Setup Day on Saturday March 28, we will have a swap meet at 11am at the track. There will be no charge for admission or for vendors, just an opportunity to buy and sell items before the start of the season.


2015 Member Survey Results

Results from the 2015 Badger Kart Club membership survey are available by clicking here.


Class Requirements Posted

Competition class requirements for the 2015 season have been posted here: Rule books will be printed shortly and will be available starting at the February General Membership meeting.


Free Kid Kart Entries in 2015

In an effort to grow our beginning classes and introduce more people to the sport of karting, Badger Kart Club is offering free Kid Kart race entries in 2015. Racers will be given a free pit pass when entering. An adult is required to be on track at all times with Kid Kart drivers. Pit passes for adults are $10 for members or $20 for non-members. We hope to see you at the start of the season!


Class Sponsorships Available

Class sponsorships for the 2015 Badger Kart Club racing season are available. All of our sponsorship packages are listed on the sponsorship information page. Contact Chris Horn for more information or to purchase any of our sponsorship options. Thank you for your support!


Member Service Email Addresses

Badger Kart Club is a volunteer organization, and it takes the work of a lot of people to keep the club running. To make it easier for members to find the right person and get a response, we've created a few email addresses that will always forward your messages to the right person.

If you have a question about... Send an email to...
How to Get Started in Karting at Badger Kart Club (Ben Wohlers)
Volunteering and Event Credits (Gordy Gahagan)
Points (Chris Burke)
Membership (Al Weisensel)
Rules (Chris Burke)
Sponsorship Opportunities (Chris Horn)