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Congratulations to the 2016 Badger Kart Club Class Champions!
Photos from the 2016 BKC Season may be viewed and purchased at

Tim Koyencreated the topic: Used WinchLift HD by KartLift

Used 2015 WinchLift HD electric kart stand.  This was our shop stand and was used on our karts and to test new stuff.  In good working condi...


Tim Koyenreplied to: RE: Trailers

I've had between 12' and 20' trailers for karting, and currently have a 14' with a tandem axle. Anything with more than 1 axle will pull significantl...


Tim Koyenreplied to: RE: KOMET

Good luck Ken. You can hardly give away a Komet around here, but you can get something for it on the west coast. I've sold a few out there to some g...


Tim Koyenreplied to: RE: Koyen's Karting Garage Sale

Hi Paul... I have some stuff left, including carbs for Yamaha Jr/Sr and KPV. I also have some used kart stands. Drop me a line at


Tim Koyenreplied to: RE: WTB electric kart lift

Hi Bruce. I sent you an email about a used stand that I have. Thanks.


Tim Koyenreplied to: RE: 2015 TonyKart Nordix Jr Chassis - $2700

New price...$2500


Tim Koyenreplied to: RE: More parts for sale...

List has been updated with what has been sold. Not much left. Can bring parts to BKC this weekend for the Man Cup or to Shawano for the R66 or USPKS...


Tim Koyenreplied to: RE: More parts for sale...

I also have a set of 8x10 Intercomp karting scales with KartLift scale stand. Excellent condition. $650.00/offer


Tim Koyenreplied to: RE: Fresh Woltjer 08 Leopard Engine - $800

Couldn't make the swap meet, so I still have this engine. Reduced to $650.


Tim Koyenreplied to: RE: FMS built MY09 Leopard (Smooth Criminal)

New Price: $1900.00.


Tim Koyenreplied to: RE: FMS built MY09 Leopard (Smooth Criminal)

Still available. One raceday on a complete rebuild by FMS. Piston size 54.15 Green.



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