Congratulations to the 2016 Badger Kart Club Class Champions!
Photos from the 2016 BKC Season may be viewed and purchased at http://www.rinkerphoto.com/Sports

Member Service Email Addresses

Badger Kart Club is a volunteer organization, and it takes the work of a lot of people to keep the club running. To make it easier for members to find the right person and get a response, we've created a few email addresses that will always forward your messages to the right person.

If you have a question about... Send an email to...
How to Get Started in Karting at Badger Kart Club (Lisa Brux) newkarter@badgerkartclub.com
Volunteering and Event Credits (Lisa Brux) volunteers@badgerkartclub.com
Points (Chris Burke) points@badgerkartclub.com
Membership (Al Weisensel) membership@badgerkartclub.com
Rules (George Sieracki) rules@badgerkartclub.com
Sponsorship Opportunities (Brian Julien) sponsors@badgerkartclub.com

Officers, Board of Directors, and Officials

President Al Weisensel (608) 445-7333
Vice-President George Sieracki (262) 827-1100
Secretary Peter Hachmeister (414) 416-6427
Treasurer Melissa Horn (414) 704-8883
Sergeant-at-Arms Chris Burke (847) 613-9775

Director (CM) Al Weisensel (608) 445-7333
Director Gordy Gahagan (414) 354-2308
Director Mike Dobson (414) 610-1630
Director Scott Jagusch (262) 416-4487
Director Lisa Brux (262) 331-0463
Director Brian Julien (414) 861-8825
Director Doug Corcoran (414) 614-7191
Director Dan Ksobiech (414) 801-9444
Director Paul Schwanbeck (608) 516-7838

New Member Information  Lisa Brux (262) 331-0463
Membership Al Weisensel (608) 445-7333
Volunteer Coordinator Lisa Brux (262) 331-0463
Special Events George Sieracki (262) 827-1100
Forum Administrators Chris Burke (847) 613-9775
Webmaster Chris Burke (847) 613-9775
Sponsorship Brian Julien (414) 861-8825

Rules George Sieracki (262) 827-1100
Race Director
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