Membership Submission Information

Members can complete the membership online through the Motorsportreg site - the same site we use for race registrations. The web address for the 2016 membership application is here: Here are some tips for registering online:

  • Register as yourself for the primary registration fee of $75.00, even if you're not a driver. All correspondence will be addressed to the person associated with the primary registration fee.
  • If you are also a driver, you can pay the $10 Competition Driver Fee when you register for the membership fee.
  • To register other drivers in your family, complete the process with just yourself, then use the "Add Attendees" button to add additional drivers.
  • When completing registration online, you must still submit the Minor's Release Form, EMT Form, and a copy of a Junior or Junior Sportsman driver's birth certificate. Links to those forms are below.

Traditional paper registrations are, of course, still accepted. You will find the 2016 Membership forms at the following links:

Membership forms should be submitted to:

  • Melissa Horn
    N51W15940 Fair Oak Parkway
    Menomonee Falls, WI 53051