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Badger Kart Club will have a points race Sunday, June 1st, at Blackhawk Farms along with the Championship Enduro Series (CES). The following links have information about the day's events:

Blackhawk Farms Daily Schedule
Directions to Blackhawk Farms
2014 CES Race Schedule

BKC to CES Class Conversion Table

The following table is the conversion for BKC classes to the CES classes you'll see on their daily schedule. Sorry, no Kid Karts at Blackhawk Farms. The classes are listed in the order they appear in the BKC rulebook. Race numbers are provided from the CES daily schedule as of 05/04/2012 and are tentative and subject to change. The CES website will have the most current information, though we will attempt to post the latest updates as soon as possible.

Badger Class CES Class Race Number
6.1 Briggs Animal Sportsman Jr. Novice - Class 2 Race #6
6.2 Yamaha Sportsman YBX Novice - Class 1 Race #6
6.3 Yamaha Sportsman Sprint Jr. Novice - Class 2 Race #6
6.4 Komet Sportsman Jr. Novice - Class 2 Race #6
6.5 Yamaha Junior Jr. Sprint 2-Cycle - Class 3 Race #6
6.6 Briggs Animal Junior Briggs Animal Junior - Class 4 Races #1 and #7*
6.7 Komet Junior Jr. Sprint 2-Cycle - Class 3 Race #6
6.8 Yamaha Supercan Piston Port Can Sprint - Class 12 Race #6
6.9 Senior Super Heavy Senior Super Heavy - Class 9 Race #6
6.10 Komet Senior Komet Senior - Class 11 Race #5
6.11 Briggs Senior Animal Sprint Briggs Animal - Class 8 Races #1 and #7*
6.12 TaG Senior TaG Senior - Class 20 Race #2
TaG Masters TaG Masters - Class 22 Race #2
LO206 Sportsman Novice - Class 1 (225 lbs. / Purple slide)
Jr. Novice - Class 2 (240 lbs. / Yellow slide)
Race #6
* Briggs classes run twice each day for CES. Only Race #7 will count for BKC points, though you can race in Race #1 for additional practice.
Sorry, no Kid Karts

Fees for Pit Passes and Race Entries

  • Pit passes are $20 per day or $30 for the weekend.
  • The BKC driver entry fee is $25 and includes Sunday practice and is in addition to the ground entry/pit pass fee.
  • Practice fees for BKC members on Saturday are $25, in addition to the gate entry fee. You must be entered in a BKC class for this rate. Saturday practice by class runs from 8:30am until noon.
  • Gates open at 7am on both Saturday and Sunday.  Friday evening the gates will open at 6pm.
  • BKC class registration Saturday 6-7 PM, Sunday 8-10 AM in the tech building.
  • BKC class registration is cash only.
  • There will be a driver's meeting at 7:45am on Sunday for the BKC events. Practice to start at 8am and racing at 10:30am.
  • Camping is allowed on the grounds for free.

Race Procedures

  • Race lineups will be in order of registration; You do not need to qualify on Saturday for the Sunday BKC event.
  • Rain points must be purchased in person.
  • Starts will be LeMans-style standing starts.
  • Races will be of the timed, enduro type. The checkered flag is displayed after time has elapsed, not after a specified number of laps.
  • Brake tethers are required - a throttle cable between the brake pedal and master cylinder is sufficient.
  • Track rides are available after the driver's meetings on Saturday and Sunday.
  • Take note of corner worker positions during the track ride. Karts are significantly lower than cars or motorcycles and corner workers may not be directly in your line of sight. You may need to glance at the corner worker positions to check for yellow flags.
  • For more information, check this guide to road racing written by Bob Vehring.

Spec Fuel

2-cycle racers purchase premium unleaded fuel at:

Flying J Plaza
16049 Willowbrook Road
South Beloit, Illinois...........815-389-4760

Open 24 hours a day and easy to find and you can see sign from I90 & Highway 75. There is not a separate hose for each grade, we advise you pump at least a gallon of fuel in to your vehicle before filling your gas can.

Click here for a map to the Flying J Plaza