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Bob Dellacreated the topic: 2014 Tony Kart - $1650

2014 Tony Kart - $1650

3 months ago

Bob Dellareplied to: RE: 2012 Birel Cadet

Probably my spam blocker.  You can also call or text me at 414-477-4775.


Bob Dellareplied to: RE: 2012 Birel Cadet

This kart is straight as an arrow and a proven winner. Just sitting in my garage and belongs on the race track!


Bob Dellareplied to: RE: WTB - MXC 710 Rears

Guess that's the geek engineer side of me . I'm sure we could dig up material specs or homologation info...


Bob Dellareplied to: RE: Used MG's

Where were you 2 weeks ago!



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