Event Sponsors:
Briggs & Stratton
The Farm Restaurant
State Line Signs
4 Cycle Central

Entry Fees:$40.00 paid at the 4 Cycle Central trailer by 10:30 AM Sunday, July 21st/August 18th. Briggs & Stratton will pay your BKC entry fee. You must register at both the Badger Kart Club registration building in the Expert class and the 4 Cycle Central trailer. Driver's pit pass is included. Crew pit passes are $10.00 paid at BKC registration. 100% of the entry fee paid at the 4 Cycle Central trailer goes to the Animal Nationals Payout Fund. See below for details.
Correction 7/18 - We had incorrectly listed the entry fee as $20. As listed above, the entry fee is $40 payable at the 4 Cycle Central trailer. We apologize for any confusion or inconvenience.
Pit Passes:Driver's pit pass is included in registration. Crew pit/hot grid passes are $10.00 paid at the Badger Kart Club registration building. Spectators are free.

Transponder Rental:$10.00/day


Non-Event Fees:Friday July 19th and August 16th 10AM - 6PM
$10.00 pit/hot grid pass for BKC members, non-members $20.00.

Saturday July 20th/August 17th and Sunday July 21st/August 18th
All Animal Nationals entrants pay BKC member rates to enter any Badger Kart Club class in Saturday or Sunday's races.

Class Specifications

Age:12 and up as defined in section 1.7 of the Badger Kart Club Competition Rules. This race is not a "BKC Senior class event" for the purposes of BKC rule - Juniors who participate will continue to be eligible for BKC Junior classes.

Engine:Briggs & Stratton Animal, engine per current WKA tech

Tires/Weight:405 lbs. - Bridgestone YKC or YLC tires
350 lbs. - Bridgestone YDS tires
300 lbs. - Bridgestone YDS tires and kart must be equipped with throttle stop supplied on race day

Tire tech as per BKC rules for Senior Super Heavy, Animal Senior, and Animal Junior

Fuel:Methanol alcohol using the BKC "pump around" or gas only using premium unleaded purchased at Bullfrog BP, 319 N. Main ST., Dousman. See rules 7.3.2 and 7.3.3 in the BKC rules.

Payout Details:50% to top 5 as follows:
1st 35%, 2nd 25%, 3rd 20%, 4th 15%, and 5th 5%.

50% to "Wildcard Option" picked from a hat:
Top 5, Even finishes (2,4,6,8,10), Odd finishes (1,3,5,7,9), 6-10 finishes, 11-15 finishes, and 16-20 finishes.

Race Procedures

Race format will be two heat races and final with the same amount of laps as the normal races that day. Payout based on finishes in the final. Briggs & Stratton will be paying your entry to the club, you will be entering in the expert class, the race order has been adjusted so any entrant can also race in the Animal Junior, Animal Senior, or Senior Super Heavy classes and Badger Kart Club members can receive season points in those classes. Racers for this class will be paying $20 fee to the Animal nationals payout fund at the 4 Cycle Central Trailer before 10:30 AM Sunday, July 29th. Payout fund will be 100% paid back to the racers.

The BKC board has approved that any curent non-BKC members entered in this race can enter any other BKC classes this weekend, Saturday or Sunday, at normal member prices.


For any other questions about Badger Kart Club, e-mail Club President : Bingo Emmons

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